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Happy Valentines Day

Today is the day of lovers!!!!!!

From Hidalgo we want, congratulate all our boyfriends, especially to all those who will celebrate their wedding this year.

Legend has it that, in the 3rd century, the Roman emperor Claudius II issued a decree ordering the entry into the army of all young men, who were also prohibited from marrying, considering that singles without families were better soldiers. .

A priest named Valentine, considering the decree unjust, secretly continued to celebrate marriages between young lovers until he was discovered by the emperor who ordered his imprisonment, and was finally martyred on February 14.

According to the legend Valentine, Before his execution, he wrote a farewell letter to the daughter of the jailer with whom he had fallen in love during his captivity, leaving his signature at the end "From your Valentine", an expression that today is used to sign cards on Valentine's Day.

For this reason, Valentine is the patron saint of love, since he died defending lovers and in addition to being the author of the first love letter written on February 14.

There are many traditions that take place on this day: romantic dinners, giving roses, sending cards, etc... but one that is especially curious is the one that takes place at the Juliet Club in Verona, the city where Shakespeare's heroine was born.

He Juliet's Club, a totally voluntary organization, responds throughout the year to the letters sent to Juliet from all over the world and on Valentine's Day this curious club rewards the love letter that it considers most beautiful among all those received in the last year.

From Hidalgo, we encourage you  to write to Juliet, I am sure that his answer will not disappoint you.


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