Ideal space for musical performances and summer events

This place is much more than just a stage. With its 1500 m2 of extension, it becomes an oasis of beauty and nature in the heart of Cartagena. Its gardens are carefully designed with native vegetation, creating an environment that transports you directly to the coastline of this beautiful coastal city.

Walking through its gardens is like entering a fragrant and sound paradise. The various strategically distributed fountains add a touch of charm and freshness to the environment, offering the relaxing sound of flowing water and creating a unique and captivating atmosphere.

In this privileged space, you have the opportunity to celebrate an outdoor dinner in an incomparable natural environment. The combination of the exuberant vegetation, the fragrances that permeate the air and the characteristic sounds of the coast will envelop you in an unforgettable sensory experience.

In addition, this space also serves as a prelude to the elegant Altona Room. You can enjoy exclusive and personalized moments before entering the main hall, taking full advantage of the beauty and tranquility that these gardens offer.

Whether it's for a musical event, a summer party or any other special celebration, this venue gives you the versatility and charm to create memorable moments. Let the magic of this environment surround you and allow your guests to enjoy a unique and charming experience.