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Inauguration of the Dulcinea Hall

Inauguration of the Dulcinea salon

We have just welcomed spring and in Hidalgo we start it with one of our biggest novelties for this year: the inauguration of the dulcinea salon!!

Our old Los Molinos room is now a new, brighter and more spacious space, where a large lamp with an avant-garde design stands out. In addition, this room is greenery-inspired, both in the small olive trees that decorate it and in the large windows through which the large trees outside can be seen.

The first event held in the Dulcinea Hall was a very special event: the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Libyan Hoplite Lancers. One of the reference troops of the Carthaginians and Romans Festivities.

This Carthaginian troop, founded in 1993, year IV of the Festival, represents the Greek heavy infantry and its warriors carry 3.5 meter long spears and round shields called hoplones. Its insignia is a labarum formed by two serpents facing each other in an arc that shelter a rising sun under which the African elephant of the Bárcidas walks. These elements symbolize: snakes, wisdom and cunning; the rising sun, continuous renewal; and the elephant, the symbol of Hannibal.

The troop has four sections: warriors, warriors, guardians and civilians, with its main character being General Naravas.

Among the acts in which they participate, the Kidnapping of the Goat stands out, where they face off hand-to-hand at the door of their camp with the Iberian Mercenaries on the two Saturdays of the festivities.

To the beat of the drum and at a rapid pace, this is how the Libyan Hoplite Lancers parade, who have made martial arts one of their main hallmarks, making it clear when they climb the bridge that connects the Cartagonova stadium with the Alameda at the end of the parades. .

For us it was a pleasure to inaugurate our dulcinea salon with the 25th anniversary of the Libyan Hoplite Lancers. Congratulations Hoplites!! Let's go for the next 25!!

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