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A Prince of Asturias in Hidalgo.

For Hidalgo and his entire team, all his customers and visitors are important people. Although, it is true that sometimes people visit, whose work for society is especially outstanding.

That was the case last Saturday, May 20, when the Hidalgo held a cultural event of great importance in the Region: the Spring Gala of the Order of the Knights of Santa Bárbara de La Unión.

During the Gala, the great paleontologist Juan Luis Arsuaga, Prince of Asturias Award winner for the Atapuerca excavations, gave a very interesting lecture and received the Honor Award from the President of the Order, Carlos Bernabé. The presentation was given by the famous journalist Juan Ramón Lucas.
After said act, attendees were able to enjoy a pleasant dinner in our Altona Hall.

Several media outlets echoed this cultural event, including:

The Order of the Knights of Santa Bárbara is a cultural association established in December 1989 before the imminent closure of the Peñarroya company's operations. Its objective is to keep the local mining tradition alive under two fundamental principles: love for La Unión and the preservation of the mining history of the City.

We want to thank the Order of the Knights of Santa Bárbara de La Unión, its president, Carlos Bernabé, and his family for the trust placed in El Hidalgo and his team, for the celebration of his Spring Gala.