We start with the communion season!!

Last Saturday April 22 we started the communion season!! Thus, from the end of April to the beginning of June, children take on a special role, filling Hidalgo with games and joy!!! Because following our list of novelties this year, and thinking on this occasion of the protagonists of the day: the children, we have created a new, larger, safer and more comfortable children's area!! Our new children's area is a space of more than 1,000 square meters of ...

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Inauguration of the Dulcinea salon

Inauguration of the Dulcinea Hall

We have just welcomed spring and at Hidalgo we started it with one of our biggest novelties for this year: the inauguration of the Dulcinea salon!! Our old Los Molinos room is now a new, brighter and more spacious space, where a large lamp with an avant-garde design stands out. In addition, this room is inspired by greenery "verdor", both in the small olive trees that decorate it and in the large windows through which the large trees of the ex...

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